cheesburger512@ 7:43pm 11-24-2023
i love this website so much!!! :3
Kylie@ 3:47am 11-01-2023
this is so slay
crow2@ 8:54am 10-15-2023
rizzrom@ 4:42am 09-27-2023
rizzrom@ 4:42am 09-27-2023
moon@ 12:23am 09-04-2023
Cheba@ 11:50pm 08-09-2023
zixchi@ 10:45pm 06-12-2023
eeeee this is so cute
xXrainbowrainaXx@ 3:22am 06-11-2023
Thank you SO MUCH for making this website!! I use it for decoration in my art and it makes it pop solo much! Telling this website to all of my friends!!!
gothicgoddess@ 4:37pm 04-28-2023
KarlaSE@ 8:51am 04-22-2023
I have a few questions to ask, though I've noticed you've last updated in '22. Can you please contact me as soon as you can? I thank you in advance. You can click my link to find a way to get a hold of me (preferably by e-mail).

-:- Silent Devotion -:-
dezzzzz@ 7:38am 04-20-2023
hiii i love ur webbed sites so cute!!
DEMGOZÉ@ 8:08am 02-27-2023
tifour@ 6:13am 01-09-2023
hello!! really love your website, but I came to look for pixel graphics and a bunch of links didn't work, linking me instead to the 404 page.
I have to say, while you very probably made it as a joke, I found it really disturbing (especially when your homepage is so cute and I was looking for cute pixels), to the point where I'm now scared to click on a link and end up on the 404 page again...
of course this is just my opinion and you're free to do as you please but I still felt I needed to bring this up!
snowaineteddy@ 3:53pm 10-21-2022
i luv this page godddd 😭💙

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