Chase ( 2:00am 07-15-2022
Hey Olivia, found something for your collection c:
Punky@ 10:39pm 07-11-2022
Wow, what a page! This looks fantastic. It's clear you put a lot of love into your site! <333
Chase ( 8:06pm 05-28-2022
HEY OLIVIA!!! THIS IS SO CR*ZY, I thought I was the only emo Hongkonger on the internet. The fact you're fond of dollz as well brings me joy. Dollz along with site-building were my thing as a tween. This is weird because, thanks to your caard I know your hs—actually my hs was part of the same group of schools, but I'm like, so concerned. I wouldn't put that kinda info online if I were you -says the person who logs her every move on her own very public online diary- Anyway, do with this comment what you will. It would be cool to keep in touch!
[snonymous]@ 3:34am 04-07-2022
The layout for your music page is perfect! It's so fun to look at, I love all the graphics around the borders, and somehow the text isn't hard to read.
rooks XP@ 7:23am 02-23-2022
consider ur guestbook signed!!!